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How Mantras changed my negative mindset

It was during my gut healing journey when I discovered that a lot of my gut symptoms were caused by how my mind was behaving and how I spoke to myself. It turned out I didn’t like myself very much. I would constantly be having arguments in my head, picturing negative outcomes and questioning my character and personality. During lock-down 2020 I stumbled across some self love books which lead me to start really working on how I spoke to myself, the language I used within conversations and how I saw my future. I really lent into learning more and more on how we can re-train our mind and thinking. I attended workshops, listened to podcast and followed lots of people who offered guidance on how to become your best self (sounds cheesy I know) I discovered things like guided medication, affirmation, journeying and Mantras.

Mantras were something I would repeat everyday, I would do this during a walk, whilst washing, driving or simply repeating them 5 times whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. To create your mantras start by writing down the things you don’t like, worry about or lack confidence in.

Here were mine
1. I will never met the right person
2. People don’t take me seriously and think I am stupid
3. I will always suffer with my gut

I then changed these to 
1. I will not end up alone
2. I am smart and kind
3. I am healthy and I am more than my body

A limiting believe is formed when a thought has been repeated so many times that it has become automatic and feels like reality. To create your future how you want it you must believe you are worthy of having it.

Create your own mantras, repeat them 5 days every day and see how your mindset can change.

I would also highly recommend listening to Roxie Nafousi book on audible as it has so many practices to help support and create self believe.


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