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Tips on how to manage your bloating during stressful times

Stress is one of the biggest causes of digestive issues due to the brain-gut connections. When dealing with stress ….. now when I say stress I also mean the busyness of our modern lifestyles , our habits of being very harsh on ourselves and our people pleasing tendencies. Our body transitions to flight and fright mode which is something I talk about a lot within the clinic. When we are in flight and fright mode (sympathetic nervous system) we produce a lot of cortisol and adrenaline to keep us alert. Whilst this happens we are telling our digestive system we do not need you right now, so it becomes sluggish and can not function how it should.

Here are some tips to help with bloating during stressful times.

✔️ Focus on lowering the heart rate but slowing the breath down✔️Try to avoid eating on the go…. if you have to eat whilst working, try and slow the breath down first so you get ready for your food.✔️In the evening work on switching off from the day before you eat. meditate, get cosy and embrace the evening.✔️Avoid really tight clothes as this stops proper digestion and doesn’t allow air to move around the system which can cause bloating to get worst.✔️20-30 minute mindful walking avoid phones or things . Maybe listen to some affirmation to boost confidence and create calm.✔️Look at doing the Low Fodmap diet which will remove all foods that ferment in the gut…… avoid onions, garlic etc.


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