What our clients say…

At The Good Gut Clinic, the experience of our clients is our first and main priority. Take a look at some of our most recent customer testimonials and get in touch if you’d like to know more.

“The Good Gut clinic was an absolute dream of a find. Having various issues I’ve had over the years with my tummy, this was another pathway to go on to resolve my tummy troubles. Carly is the most amazing, down to earth and full of knowledge person you could meet. She’s most welcoming and makes you feel at ease the minute you walk into the clinic. No embarrassment what so ever. I actually look forward to my treatments not only to feel good after but a good chat with Carly too!” Rachael 02/05/2022

“Cant recommend highly enough, was really nervous about visiting for the first time.. Carly was amazing and made me feel completely at ease and was lovely to chat with. I felt so much happier, lighter, filled with energy and head felt so much clearer literally straight after… Ive already booked a further 2 sessions and will make this a regular part of my self care… Everyone needs to try this…Thankyou Carly” Andy 01/06/2022

“Carly was amazing, she made me feel comfortable and was very knowledgeable. She gave me more anwers and solutions than my GP ever did. I would 100% recommend her” Zouhra 30/05/2022

“After my appointment I feel completely rejuvenated! From the inside out. Professional, high standards of cleanliness and very discreet service. Carly is an expert. Looking forward to my next appointment” Robin 18/03/2022

A very relaxed atmosphere. Carly, had great knowledge around the workings of the gut, and was very willing to answer questions. She put me at my ease. Very friendly. Lovely little touches like aromatherapy oils on your palms, to help you relax…… The whole experience was amazing. Will be back. Feel great” Julie 03/06/2022

“Absolutely brilliant! I’m so glad I built up the courage to have a colonic as it gave me a flatter tummy, an unexpected feeling of peace and contentment for the day and a want to have another colonic soon. It really was a great experience. And Carly was AMAZING! She put me completely at ease with her extensive knowledge of the digestive system, her fabulous easy going manner and sense of humour ☺️ And all the physical stuff (the bum tube etc 😜) Carly did with gentleness and a running explanation of everything she was doing. I recommend her and the colonic highly! It was a great experience!” Sam 17/05/2022

“I love getting a colonic …. never thought I’d say that! Carly is honestly the nicest, most knowledagbe, helpful and welcoming person. She suits this profession to a tee! She is always just a phonecall/text or email away and will spend her own time finding out anything you ask of her. We have such a laugh which for me is exactly what I need in what should be an uncomfortable position. She makes you feel at complete ease and will always talk you through everything she is doing, nothing will be done that you don’t want. I leave feeling amazing, in my body from the fantastic treatment and also in myself from having such a nice time. I feel like I’ve spent the morning having coffee with a friend 🙂 I can’t wait for my next treatment”   Charlotte – 09/10/2021

“What an absolute DREAM Carly is, what a find! So nice and real”   Shanty.P 15/06/2021

“Each treatment I have had has been detoxifying Not just for my body but my mind also,  no it’s so relaxing.  this year was the first time I’ve started treatment with Carly,  I was really nervous at first not knowing what to expect but the minute I got the appointment Carly put me at ease straight away I left feeling lighter and relax and wanted to come back”   Lianna 12/08/2021

“thankyou for my treatment this morning, I’m feeling very relaxed and going to have a restful afternoon”  Gail 13/06/2021

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your time and patience with me this afternoon. You have helped me more than you’ll know. The time spend in the clinic was 10x more beneficial than the countless hours at my GP”   Helen.H 17/07/2021

“I feel sooooo trim and bloated at all since the treatment, I feel really good” Martha 20/10/2021

“Thank you for being so patient with me today, I really enjoyed my treatment and look forward to seeing you again” Margret 21/08/2021

“Carly absolutely put me at ease. Was feeling quite nervous for my first time, but no need to be. After one session i have noticed a difference. I am looking forward to work on getting a good gut! Thank you so much!” Heidi 03/06/2022

“Carly is very professional and made me feel a lot less anxious. She is very knowledgeable and gave me a lot of advice to help me. I was in a lot of pain before I saw Carly and had been to my GP, but not had much help, whereas Carly really made a difference and I know what to do if I find myself edging towards that situation again” Julia 25/03/2022

“Faultless. So much care and consideration has gone into creating a truly comfortable environment and Carly is exceptionally knowledgeable, informative and understanding. A real safe space for those looking to help their tummies!” Kate 25/03/2022

“Good friendly service with your dignity intact from start to finish. Will be returning” Brent 26/03/2022

“Great experience. It was my first time and Carly made me feel relaxed. We had a great chat and Carly made me feel positive about improving my gut health” Lisa 26/03/2022

“The Good Gut clinic ran by Carly is the greatest find ever for the issues I’ve had over the years. Carly is an amazing, very knowledgable, down to earth lady who makes you feel comfortable the minute you step into the clinic. I came away feeling much better than when I entered and definitely returning for further visits. Thanks a million Carly!” Rach 23/03/2022

“Carly is brilliant at what she does. She calming, knowledgable, friendly and supportive and made the whole process a lot less scary than I thought it might be!” Chloe 23/03/2022

Carly was welcoming and friendly. I immediately felt at ease with her. The whole experience was relaxing and I felt so good after. I’ve just been back for my second appointment, so lovely to feel clear and a great jumpstart to improving my health and diet. Highly recommend- go for it! Anna 21/03/2022

“Excellent,very pleased.Colonic went very well ,5 or 6 deep releases in a nice new clinic.Carly is very nice,the expert makes it look easy” Ronald 02/03/2022

“Carly listened to everything and made me feel comfortable and at ease. Really helpful advice as well going forward. Thanks and will be back soon!” Kristen 08/02/2022

 “Carly was very knowledgeable about gut health. She was friendly and put me at ease. The whole experience was much more enjoyable that I’d anticipated. Will definitely be back for more treatment” Bev 02/06/2022