Get to know The Good Gut Clinic…

The Good Gut Clinic is run by qualified Colonic Hydrotherapist, Carly. Training with RICTAT International Colonic Association, Carly is the face and driving force behind good digestive health at the Good Gut Clinic. And, with a professional background in health and wellness in the hospitality sector, Carly is well versed in ensuring people feel calm, at ease and looked after in her care.

Due to a personal battle with her gut health, Carly decided that a career in helping those who also suffered with digestive issues was the logical way forward. Diagnosed with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) that was exasperated by travel, stress and bad lifestyle choices, Carly’s finally straw was experiencing three weeks of painful constipation that led to the development of a condition called SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth). After 3 rounds of medication, Carly’s symptoms started to get better. Her gut health, however, was a total mess.

As a result, Carly opted to have weekly Colonic Irrigation treatment to relieve the chronic constipation and constant bloating that never seemed to subside. Carly quickly noticed that her poor gut health wasn’t just down to what she was eating or putting into her body, but that her mental health and various other contributing stress factors were also preventing her gut from healing.

Taking the enforced down-time that the pandemic provided to focus on her health, Carly became committed to researching the gut-brain connection, discovering how our busy lives impact our digestive health.

Noticing that when her pace and quality of life changed so did her gut health, Carly’s dedication to learning more about digestive health and gut healing treatment was confirmed, and she set about turning her passion into a career.

As a result, The Good Gut Clinic provides safe and clinically proven Colonic Irrigation treatment that helps other people improve their gut health and begin their journey to live a healthier, happier life.

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“thankyou for my treatment this morning, I’m feeling very relaxed and going to have a restful afternoon”

“What an absolute DREAM Carly is, what a find! So nice and real”

“Thank you for being so patient with me today, I really enjoyed my treatment and look forward to seeing you again”

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for your time and patience with me this afternoon. You have helped me more than you’ll know. The time spend in the clinic was 10x more beneficial than the countless hours at my GP”