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Stress and The Gut

How to help with bloating

Why is it that we always assume it’s what we are eating and drinking that affects our guts. This was exactly me down to a T.

I tried everything to help with my bloating as I was going through the peak of having quite a bad gut condition. I would say (and so would my friends and family) I was obsessed with trying to find something to help me. But no matter what diet I tried, what type of food I ate or what supplements I took NOTHING worked. I spoke to so many different professionals in Bristol to help with my bloating and constipation, but I got nowhere. I I think what I found the hardest was that I never knew when I would get bloated, and I mean i would look 7 months pregnant. It could be either after going for a nice walk or after a meal or even just having a sip of water in the morning you could literally put a pin in me and I would pop.


Anyone else feel my pain?


So what changed …… The world… dramatic i know!!!


Although lockdown was tough and of course came with other stress factors, my whole lifestyle changed, I slowed down, I wasn’t always in a rush, I focused on other priorities that made me happy and I managed to become much kinder to myself and was less busy headed which reflected in my body. During that time I was the healthiest and the least bloated I have ever been. TOTAL MIRACLE! Now this is all to do with our Parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous which I won’t go into now but it’s a game changer.  Really look at becoming more mindful, live in the moment not 5 steps ahead, relax and let go, and take some big deep breaths every day to slow your mind, your blood and your heart down.


3 things I do to maintain a life with less bloating.

  1. Take a daily probiotic
  2. Have a colonic hydrotherapy treatment every 3 months or so.
  3. Look after my mind – which consists of living a less busy life, stop rushing, stop being mean to myself and be present in everything i do.


This is what I try to do as much as I can, but I am only human and life gets in the way at times, so yes there are times when I do none of the above but it’s all about jumping back on that horse and doing our best whatever our best is at that time.


The Good Gut Clinic Bristol will be opening in January 2022 but if you want to some advice or have questions about healing your gut, having a colonic, or just want to know more about the treatment, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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